3 Practical Ways of Overcoming Shyness 3 Practical Ways of Overcoming Shyness 3 Practical Ways of Overcoming Shyness

How to overcoming shyness
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Most men at certain point of their life were shy. I was and my friends also were – it’s something absolutely normal. Yet, as time passes and people grow older, the majority smoothly transition into a normal social life. Some men, though, stay reticent. Being like that won’t help. If you want to go through the world charming and attracting women and other people, you must be outgoing and extroverted, it’s a key if your objective is to start getting dates and raising your value.

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 Your success
Your success when relating with people comes down to one thing: practice. The more you do it, the better and more comfortable you will feel. I could write about building your confidence, the nature of women and many other factors which are, I’m sure, very important. But the best way to feel better is to put yourself in action.

Following comes an extreme guide to end with your inhibition. As crazy as it may sound, it works. Many of my students had tremendous success after implementing these techniques and so will you!

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 Speak with women online

Build a great Facebook profile and start messaging and speaking with other women. Don’t worry about whether they like you or not, nor get attached to one. No! Message many of them and work out to make dealing with women something normal for you. Don’t put pressure on yourself, don’t get nervous. You got to know and remember it’s just for practice, to start getting used to dealing with women. Speak to plenty of new girls everyday and start a lot of conversations. Don’t focus on winning nor dream on dating them, it’s not the idea. You just have to focus on getting used to speaking with women. Don’t be creepy, don’t be stupid and always show your value.

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 Speak with women on the telephone
Now move on your tongue a bit too. Take the big phone directory. Select some random people, men or women, and just call them. Don’t sound creepy; try to sound easy going and funny. What you say to them and what you speak about is entirely up to you. You could just ask for movie recommendations or tell them whatever pops into your mind. Another good option is to tell them you are considering moving into their neighborhood and want advice. If they hung up, try the next one and so on. Hundreds will hang you up but never give up! You need to start getting used to speak with random people as if it was a normal everyday thing and this is an easy path to follow. In the end you’ll be much more natural about it.

Speak with women in the street

Take a nice notebook, your favorite pen and go to the street! You are now a survey man, making an investigation for your university/job/whatever. Stop women and ask them the questions you have already prepared, always focusing on being also cocky and funny too. Smile, don’t be serious and never be creepy.

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For example, ask them things you would love to know. Still thinking of which of the 25 points for a great man you would like to improve on? Ask these women what would be in their eyes the most attractive and learn! The purpose is not to flirt but to get used to speaking and dealing with women in real time but at a relaxed atmosphere. This way will help you out, so get your pen and papers!

If you want to be successful with women, raise your value and become more attractive – you can’t be shy. Dedicate to this seriously. Dealing with women has to be natural for you and this and more will help you in your objective. I also feel weird when calling a random woman over the phone – but it works! Has worked for me, my students and will work for you. Just remember that everyone can seduce the woman they want, but hard work and dedication are indispensable. Success won’t come without them!

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